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The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center’s Energy Informed Operations, or EIO, program focuses on developing an interface standard for an autonomous tactical microgrid grid architecture from 15 to 300kW that supports Army Contingency Basing. This architecture will support increased power availability and reliability, while reducing generator fuel usage and maintenance. Additionally, EIO supports the development of associated applications that allow optimization of power and energy resources based on mission objectives.

The EIO microgrid features open, standardized interfaces for communication and power interconnects with advanced control hardware and software that includes smart generation sources, intelligent distribution boxes, and intelligent Environmental Control Units. Future expansion will include power inverters, controllers for renewable sources and energy storage devices. It also includes an EIO microgrid application providing enhanced grid awareness, analytics, and control of power resources.

This new power architecture for the battlefield from CERDEC’s Command, Power and Integration Directorate Power Division, will allow seamless integration and sharing of different power sources to provide more efficient, more reliable power for the Soldier.


  • Provides uninterrupted power to mission equipment
  • Improved efficiency in operational energy to reduce cost and logistics burden of fuel resupply
  • Ability to prioritize and utilize power resources according to mission needs
  • More reliable and resilient energy network


  • User application for visualizing grid, power generation and consumption information, and alerts for potential issues
  • Ability for users to prioritize loads and prevent power outages
  • Open standards for non-proprietary communications will allow incorporation of different vendor-developed systems into the tactical grid

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