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As the Soldier’s technological capabilities advance, an increased quantity of batteries is being carried by the Soldier. Recent advances in power and energy have yielded technology that allows recharging of one central battery on-the-move using kinetic energy harvested from the Soldier’s motion.

The Energy Harvesting Assault Pack, or EHAP, is a system that converts vertical kinetic energy from a Soldier’s walking and running into electrical energy using a double-frame load suspension system. The EHAP enables longer duration missions without battery resupply at decreased logistical burden. While generating energy, the frame suspension system is also designed to enhance the ergonomic advantage and decrease the risk of musculoskeletal injury to the Soldier. The U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center is partnering with other Army organizations such as the Army Research Laboratory, Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center, and Program Executive Office Soldier.

The CERDEC Command, Power and Integration Directorate Power Division is developing safe, technically innovative and cost effective solutions to meet the Soldier's portable and mobile power and energy needs.


  • Generates power on the move (more than 3W at 3 mph)
  • Extends mission runtimes by trickle charging the centralized power source ( more than 72 hours)
  • Reduces carried replacement battery weight (more than 2 lbs.)
  • Significantly reduces joint impact forces and perceived weight burden


  • On-the-move power generation and battery recharging
  • Enables Net Zero Energy Soldier (extended mission without energy resupply)
  • Reduces logistics and Soldier physical burden by generating power at the point of use
  • Reduces perceived weight burden (i.e. backpack feels lighter)

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