For CERDEC, Mission Command expertise means a constant pursuit to understand the current and future threat, Soldier tactics, techniques and procedures, and the latest in advanced computing platforms, software architectures and visualization techniques. By creating and maintaining partnerships with external organizations and by investing in and working with those partners, CERDEC brings together innovative efforts to facilitate technology improvement, commercialization and fielding to meet Army mission command objectives.

The Mission Command/Actionable Intelligence Technology-Enabled Capability Demonstration is a system of game-changing capabilities for company-level units and below. The goal is to prevent surprise encounters and help small units achieve tactical overmatch without increased physical or cognitive burden on the Soldier. The program has established a unified operational view focused on increasing squad situational understanding through Operations / Intelligence convergence, automation, and sensor exploitation at the tactical edge. In 2013, CERDEC conducted its initial demonstration of the MC/AI TECD at its Fort Dix experimentation venue. Engineers ran mission scenarios with Fort Benning EXFOR Soldiers using MC/AI technologies on capability set 13/14 network architecture and Nett Warrior software. The demonstration provided practical insights from Soldiers that have influenced developmental decisions for the second year of the TECD and presented valuable lessons for minimizing the impact of capabilities on the network infrastructure.

Mission Command and Actionable Intelligence TECDs
Proactive Decision Support and Collaboration
Increased SA/SU
Faster and More Accurate Target ID and Handoff
  • Proactive Alerts
  • Ops/Intel Information Collection
  • Tactical Twitter: OPS/Intel Notification
  • Tactical Automated Options: Points of Interest E.G., TRPS, RPS, HLZS, ETC.
  • POS/NAV in GPS-Denied Environment
  • Leader's Dashboard
  • Dynamic AAR
  • Cross CE Data Exchange
  • Virtual Pointer
  • UV Pointer and Dectector
  • Active SWIR
  • Leader Effects
  • Management